What's Happening Now: Early December


Things are really taking shape.

The siding is nearly complete, except on the very front of the house (the section around and below the tall windows).

The house in early December


The gutters have been installed. They're topped with screens to keep the leaves out. With such high roofs, we want to minimize the frequency of necessary gutter-cleaning.

Although there aren't very many deciduous trees near the house, you can see they're already doing their job with these alder leaves!

Gutters topped with gutter screens

Septic System

A truck carrying two septic tanks struggled to get up our sloped driveway.

After coming up frontwards, he went back down (backwards), turned around, and then backed up the hill.

It took some heroic maneuvering to reach the hole dug by the excavator without hitting a post that supports the large beams of the deck.

Truck backing up our driveway, toward the post supporting the deck beams

When the driver finally had the truck in position, he lifted a septic tank and lowered it in the hole.

The excavator then dug another hole, and they lowered the second tank into it. Then they hooked up all of the pipes and the pump.

Lowering a septic tank

Meanwhile, the excavator cleared three alder trees and completed work on the septic field.

Septic field


After the fireplace box and flues were installed in the "bug room" (an enclosed area of the deck that's outdoorsy but free of the wetland's mosquitoes), the builder's assistant Shawn Burnett framed it in. He also built a box in front of it to serve as the foundation for a hearth.

Then the masons went to work.

Fireplace under construction

They worked quickly and skilfully, obviously proud of the quality of their work.

They used the same Cultured Stone as on the outside of the house.

Within just a couple of days, they had completed a beautiful stone fireplace, with a stone hearth and mantle.

Completed fireplace


Andrew, with Classic Ceramic Tile, continued his very professional tile work.

Work on the showers and baths is nearly completed.

Tile shower in the master bath

He then began laying tile for the kitchen floor, pantry, hall, and main floor bath.

Tile flooring in the kitchen


Some of our huge pile of site-milled floor boards began to be put to use.

Spencer West and his coworkers nearly completed laying alder flooring in the guest bedroom.

Alder flooring being installed in the guest bedroom

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