What's Happening Now: We're Done!

The building inspector signed off on our final inspection.

This means that, as far as they're concerned, the construction is complete!

Standing in front of our new home

Our 'shingle' below the house number

So, in mid-April, we hung up our "shingle." The movers brought in our furniture and we moved in.

We're boxing up all of the small stuff and moving it ourselves. This gives us time to sort through it as we pack and decide what goes to the new place and what goes to the garage sale.

The glow of lights in the evening

It's particularly nice to see the warm, welcoming glow of our home in the evening.

'Den' area off the great room

The rooms sure look different --and better -- with furniture in them!

We're amazed at how well all of the colors are coordinating.

The furniture -- much of which we've had for decades -- fits together wonderfully, and the woodwork is even more beautiful than before.

Master bedroom Guest bedroom
Front of the house showing exterior light donated by Kathy's co-workers with the National Park Service

Our friends Kelly and Dave -- who made the interior sconces -- made two exterior lights, commemorating Kathy's career with the National Park Service.

Thanks to a very generous contribution from Kathy's co-workers -- who are very special people -- the lights specifically reflect Brooks River at Katmai National Park in Alaska, where Kathy spent five years.

Exterior light commemorating Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park

By mid-May, everything was in place.

The ability our new home to be a welcoming place was put to the test -- and passed it -- when we hosted the Hellvik Mannskor and their families at the start of their tour of the Pacific Northwest for the 17th of May celebration with Norwegian communities in places such as Poulsbo and the Ballard area of Seattle.

They were wonderful ambassadors for the country of Norway, and we were pleased to have the ability to help welcome them to the U.S.

Hellvik Mannskor raising a song in our great room

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