What's Happening Now: Early February

Lots of workers, in a variety of trades, are working hard to get their jobs completed.

A crowd of work vehicles in the driveway in early February

Front Deck and Stairway

Shawn Burnett, Eddie Moran, and their coworkers did a beautiful job finishing the deck and front stairway.

They crafted posts, and then cut and screwed the "ipe" (pronounced "e-pay") decking.

This wood -- which some refer to as ironwood -- is so hard and dense that it quickly dulled the teeth on their saw blades. Every hole had to be pre-drilled.

Workers cutting wood and assembling the deck rails

Instead of wooden railing, we chose stainless steel wire, which won't impede our view of the forest.

For each strand, a hole had to be drilled through each post.

Where the wire changed direction, it had to be cut, stretched taut, and a nut afixed to the end. This was very painstaking work.

Along the front stairway, an extra handrail was carefully crafted and then attached.

Close-up of stairway railing

Walkway Above the Great Room

Grandson Spencer West used his timber-frame skills to craft a railing system along the walkway that overlooks the great room.

Spencer West constructing railing for the walkway


Spencer West, Scott Smith, and Jeff West continued putting wood trim around the interior doors and windows.

Window trim in the master bedroom, showing the darkening effect of the Danish finish

We then began applying "Danish finish." This non-toxic finish, which is primarily linseed oil, darkens the alder trim to a beautiful dark honey tone.

'Tried & True' brand Danish finish

Plumbing Fixtures

Faucets and sinks were installed in all of the bathrooms.

All of the bathroom faucets are certified through the US Environmental Protection Agency's "Water Sense" program. The purpose of the WaterSense program is to promote water-efficient products and practices.

Even in the Pacific Northwest, there's no sense in wasting water!

Sink in the master bathroom

All of the toilets were also installed.

(This means that our old friend the Honey Bucket will soon be gone!)


Model K4322/K4419 Persuade

It's also WaterSense-certified. The user can select a 0.8-gallon or 1.6-gallon flush. Even the 0.8-gallon flush occurs with a burst that makes it pretty powerful.

Kohler dual-flush toilet


The kitchen appliances have been installed.

The refrigerator barely fit underneath the high cabinet, until you got to the hinges. The hinges made it barely too tall to push all the way in.

Shawn Burnett decided that the best way to address this would be to remove the cabinet and raise it an inch. Then he brought the cabinet out from the wall so the front was flush with the refrigerator. He then expertly boxed in the side so the refrigerator has the appearance of being built in.

View of the kitchen

The kitchen sink and faucet, along with the dishwasher, were installed in the island.

The Wolf gas range also was installed, although we're still awaiting the propane hookup.

Because the cooktop is below a nice big window, we didn't want a typical exhaust fan. Instead we have a downdraft that comes up out of the counter when it's in use, and descends back into it when not in use.

Wolf cooktop and downdraft exhaust

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