What's Happening Now: Early November


After all of the priming was done, we began painting the interior.

We're using Benjamin Moore's "Aura" paint which has super-low emissions of volatile organic carbon (VOC) compounds (which are commonly considered toxic). Although the paint costs a lot, it covers much better than other types of paint that we've used, so the overall cost is not too much higher and it's a lot healthier.

Kathy doing some interior painting


Our builder's assistants Shawn Burnett and Eddie Moran have begun putting on the siding.

We're using "Hardi-plank," which is made of cement and wood fiber. For contrast, we'll be using hardi-shingles in some areas.

Sean and Eddie working on the siding


Work is beginning on the tile in the bathrooms.

Tile workers have installed the waterproof "wonder board" around the bathtubs and laid the mats in showers.

They've also laid the base for porcelain tiles on the concrete floor.

Wonder board around bathtub in basement bathroom

Electrical Work

The electricians are installing switches, electrical outlets, and light fixtures.

At last, we have light!

Electricians at work in the kitchen

The "Boardwalk"

Grandson Spencer West has installed the joists on the walkway overlooking the greatroom. His great woodworking talent clearly shows in the mortise and tenon joinery.

Next will come the "car-decking" over the joists, and the walkway will be complete.

Then he'll raise the stringers for the stairway up, and before we know it, we'll no longer need to use ladders to go upstairs.

Joists on the beams between upstair bedrooms

Hydronic Heat

A worker from Janes In-Floor Heat spent hours cutting and soldering copper pipes.

Soldering pipes for the floor heat

The result was something that looked like a Rube Goldberg contraption, but it directed warm water through the flooring and, at last, we have heat!

Copper piping distributing water through the hydronic heating system

Next:  Mid-November...

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