What's Happening Now:  Late November

Tile Work

Andrew, from Classic Ceramic Tile, is doing a very professional job with the tile work.

Andrew wiping the tile of a bath surround

The completed work is gorgeous...

particularly next to the window trim by grandsons Spencer and Jeff West.

Mockup design of the shower at right
By the way, to plan the colors for many of the rooms -- particularly the bathrooms -- we did a mock-up on our computer, using the tile manufacturer's online color illustrations to explore possible wall colors that would coordinate nicely.

A beautiful shower, complete except for the grout

Door Jambs

Most of the interior doors that we bought from Second Use were not pre-hung, so son Karl has been making door jambs and doing a skillful job of hanging the doors.

Karl using shims to level a door

Getting each door to hang right -- and to open and close smoothly -- is very exacting work.

Karl securing hinges on a door


Electricians installed many of the interior lights in late November.

Ceiling light over the breakfast area

The electricians also installed the exterior lights on the basement level.

The exterior light fixtures are shaded, to direct the light downward where it's needed, rather than wasting energy lighting up the night sky.

Exterior light

The lights are really working well with the room designs, such as this guest bedroom.

Lighted ceiling fan in the guest bedroom


Our Costco cabinets were delivered right on schedule. Here's how they looked after two days of set-up work. We expect that the workers will have them complete in another day or two.

Kitchen cabinets

Septic System

A couple of alder trees were cleared from the area designated for the septic field. (Of course, we'll have this milled into boards for future use!)

Cabinets in the master bath

The drain pipes were laid and connected.

Instead of gravel, indestructible styrofoam "peanuts" were used to cushion the drainfield pipes.

Soon the septic tanks will be installed.

View of the area cleared for the drainfield, which is located behind the house.

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