Complete list of our suppliers...

We could not have done this project without the enthusiastic support and talented work of many great people. We are pleased to highlight them here and hope you will give them your business if you need any of their services.


Chip Maguire, with O'Connor Architects of Bainbridge Island served as architect for the project. He listened closely and patiently worked with us to develop and refine the design. He was diligent in his research to find the most earth-friendly products that would meet our needs and tastes at an affordable price.

Chip Maguire

General Contractor

Mark Obergottsberger, owner of Agate Pass Enterprises, served as general contractor, overseeing the construction process. He was always diligent in his work. His solid working relationships with top-quality subcontractors helped ensure that quality was built into our home.

Mark Obergottsberger


Dave Monsaas, owner of High Meadows Excavating, did outstanding excavation work. He excavated with precision, yet quickly, taking care to separate the sandy soil from the clay-sand, since he knew that we would be using the two types of soil for separate purposes.

Dave Monsaas


Spencer West, along with his brother Jeff West and friend Brad Simpson, did tremendously skilled and finely detailed work with wood. This included carving the stringers for the open stairway in the great room -- Spencer carefully calculated angles and measurements, and precisely carved notched inserts for all of the pieces to fit together. He did much of the interior trim, bringing special character to the home, and he oversaw milling of the wood into floor boards and other materials that could be integrate into our home. (Full disclosure: Spencer and Jeff are our grandsons, and we're extremely proud of them.)

Spencer West

Concrete Work

JB Concrete Construction did concrete work that was top-quality. This included footers for the load-bearing walls, concrete basement walls on three sides, and the concrete basement slab. All of the concrete was solid, without visible holes or cracks.

The proud workers with JB Concrete Construction


The workers of Fields Custom Carpentry, owned by Bob Fields, knew what they were doing and cared about doing it right. Under on-site supervisor Tom Egan, each worker clearly knew what his job was and went about it quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the workers clearly cared about the quality of their work. Pieces fit tightly together, including some very complex angles. Their caring also showed in their cleanup of the site after their work. We were amazed at how quickly the house took shape.

Tom Egan (L) and Bob Fields (R)


Dan Williams and his assistant from Sunset Electric did a flawless job in wiring, including the wiring for lights and a ceiling fan from our high beams. We appreciate the adjustments they were able to make as we explored the best options for lighting and electrical outlets.

Dan Williams - Sunset Electric


Jeff Randall, with Power Trip Energy, was very responsive, even with the growing demand for solar energy. He provided solid advice about what would work best for us, and about financial incentive programs that were available to us. His company did a great job of installing the system, including setting things up for possible future expansion, and then gave us a personal session on how it works.

Jeff Timmerman - Silverdale Plumbing


Nate Dowers' crew did a great job with roofing, working quickly and safely, while taking care to be exacting in the size and fit of roofing materials as they worked around complex angles.

Roofing Crew - Nate Dowers

Well Drilling

The Crabtrees are an old family in this area, and Jerry Crabtree, of Crabtree Well Drilling, has drilled many of our neighbors' wells. Based on his experience, Jerry estimated that our well would be between 250 and 300 feet deep. Sure enough, he found a good layer of water at 253 feet. He carefully abided by all regulations, and a County inspector who stopped by commented to us that "He's the best." We agree.

Crabtree Well Drilling


John Campbell, with Windermere Realty in nearby Poulsbo, was diligent in watching for a parcel that we'd be interested in and notified us the moment a previous potential buyer backed out of purchasing this land. He helped us work through several potential stumbling blocks that came up and was instrumental in bringing this purchase to fruition.

Windermere agent John Campbell