What's Happening Now: Late October


The initial excavation for the house and its basement resulted in an estimated 500 cubic yards of dirt that we didn't need.

We put ads in Kitsap County's "2 good 2 toss" website and on Craig's List. While these led to some inquiries, nothing worked out. Notices that we put on our community bulletin boards brought several of our neighbors, including the owner of nearby organic Persephone Farm, to take pickup loads.

These barely made a dent in our 500 cubic yards.

Owner of Persephone Farm taking some pickup truck-loads of dirt

So one day, three big dumptrucks operated in rotation, transporting the dirt to a nearby pit that let us dump it there.

The huge pile of dirt was removed in that one day!

Excavator loading a dumptruck

With the dirt out of the way, our 1,500-gallon cistern was brought in. We'll use this to collect some of the rainwater from the roof and use it to water plants during dry periods.

The excavator dug a hole for the cistern, and carefully lowered it in.

Excavator lowering the cistern

The excavator then dug a 54-foot-long infiltration trench on the hillside below the house. The county required this to protect our slope from having channelized water running down it and to protect the wetland below from in-rushing water.

The infiltration trench was filled with rock and covered over.

Excavator digging infiltration ditch. Truck at left is blowing rock into the trench.
Operator remotely controlling the truck that's blowing rock into the infiltration trench.

A network of ditches was dug, with pipes to carry overflow from the cistern, along with water from other downspouts, to the infiltration trench.

Drain pipes carrying water to the infiltration trench

Exterior Trim and Siding

Builder's assistants Shawn and Eddie installed the exterior cedar trim around windows and doors and on the corners of the house.

Their attention to detail really shows in the trim work.

They also put metal flashing around the base of the house, over the concrete foundation.

Exterior trim work


We'll be having fun with colors on the walls throughout the house, but we sure didn't want to paint the high ceilings and walls of the great room.

Moran's Painting did most of the priming in one day. A worker came back the next day -- a Saturday! -- to complete the job.

The following week, their crew returned and painted ceilings throughout the house, as well as the tall walls of the great room.

Moran Painters' van

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